What if I want to go on a mission trip?

Missions International coordinates mission trips to Mexico on a regular basis. If you or your church is interested in participating with, supporting, or sponsoring a mission trip – then we want to hear from you!

Welcome to Missions in Mexico

When you first cross the border, you will see a world different from your own. The roads are rough, the buildings are crude, for many the language is unfamiliar, and the culture is radically different than in the states. The people are proud of their country and their life. The Mexican people are beautiful, friendly, and intelligent.

Missions International primarily ministers to an association of churches in villages mostly north of the city of Ciudad Victoria (about 4 hours south of the border from McAllen, Texas).

Purpose of a Mission Trip

Although a mission trip is a lot of hard work and fun, fun is not the main purpose. Often, going on a mission trip involves a sacrifice, and those trips offer the most blessings. It is not a vacation or a sightseeing trip. You’ll see many sights and you’ll be able to experience authentic Mexican food, but that’s not the main purpose. You should prepare for a mission trip physically (get in shape), emotionally (get friendly), and spiritually (get prayed-up).  Your accomodations can vary from a hotel, dormitory style housing, or sleeping in a church; lodging is completely dependent on cost.

Your primary purpose is to be a witness to others of God’s love and glory. Your attitude is paramount to the success of the mission trip. You go to love the people. You go to learn about their needs. You go to be helpful and to serve. You go to give of yourself and finacially. You go to receive a blessing and be changed forever!

Cost of a Mission Trip

Mission trips can range from $200-1,000 per participant for an average trip of one week. The cost varies based on lodging chosen, food options, and travel options. The largest cost tends to involve transportation to and from McAllen, Texas.

It is recommended that groups conduct fundraisers long before the trip. It is our experience that many groups are able to completely fund their trips in this manner (with the exception of personal costs).  Churches may assist participants by sponsoring the mission trip financially or with a fund-raising event. A simple “love-offering” can significantly reduce the cost of the trip for individuals.

Typical costs include:

      • Travel
          • Roundtrip airfare to/from McAllen, Texas is typically $300-500
              • Although it takes longer, groups can typically travel by ground much cheaper
          • Translator and ground transportation expenses $100
          • Lodging
              • Mission Station in McAllen, Texas is approximately $15/night/person
              • Hotel rooms in Victoria, Mexico are approximately $100/night/room ($25/night w/4 in a room)
              • Dormitory style or church housing in Mexico is typically free
          • Insurance (mission trip insurance that covers medical evacuations, etc.) ($15)
          • Meals
              • Many meals are provided at various churches, but other meals will be purchased ($100)
      • Personal
          • Offerings are typically given at each church service (there could be several during the week) ($50)
          • Money for shopping, etc.

Missions Activities

Various activities can be done during the week, including the following:

      • Construction
          • Pastor’s need work done on their homes
          • Churches need work done on their buildings
          • Communities need churches built (typically costs < $20,000)
          • Churches need pews built, or backs added to traditional seat-only pews
          • Painting, electrical, plumbing, or other minor repairs
      • Evangelism
          • Prayer walking
          • Door to door evangelism
          • Community evangelism (through community-wide activities)
          • Handing out bibles
      • Discipleship
          • Men’s programs
          • Women’s programs
          • Leadership programs for leaders and pastors
          • Pastor’s conferences
      • Age Specific Ministries
          • Children – puppet ministries, backyard bible club/VBS, gift boxes, etc.
          • Youth – sports ministries, etc.

Thinking Ahead

If this is something you or your group is interested in doing – begin praying now. The next step is involving your church and leaders. We would be more than happy to come and make a presentation to your church or group, or speak to someone to answer any questions. We want to make your mission endeavor possible and fruitful.

If you do not have a passport – go ahead and get your passport now since it can take several weeks to arrive.  A passport costs $135.  Another less expensive option is to obtain a passport card, which allows you to travel by ground to and from Mexico; it costs $55.  Go to http://travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html for more information.

When the trip gets closer and you have confirmed, we have several checklists and information packets for you that will help you further to make sure everything is covered and you are ready for this wonderful experience.

Our Interpreter

Our interpreter and ground transport is provided by Contardo Covarrubias, a dual citizen of Mexico and the United States. Contardo has lived most of his life in America; however, he was born in Guadalajara. Read more about Contardo here.

Missions International receives donated vans for Contardo to use. Presently, he has a 15 passenger van and a minivan, both which are used regularly for travel with groups, large and small. If an additional interpreter or driver is needed, he can secure qualified missionaries to participate. He currently lives in McAllen, Texas, and is a full-time missionary.

Is it Safe

Many people ask this question, especially since the drug cartel activity has escalated in the past few years. Just like America, there are cities (and communities) that are crime infested and dangerous when you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time. While no crime can be completely predicted or prevented, our leaders know which areas to avoid and during which times. Some roads are not traveled at night, and some geographical areas are avoided. Every effort is made to focus on the safety of the mission trip participants; but the bottom line is a mission trip requires faith, and is dependent on prayer. Contardo has been taking groups to Mexico (some stay as long as a month at a time) nearly every month since he entered full-time ministry over ten years ago. He has never had a person in his group injured or harmed in any way. God has protected and provided. Anyone who is familiar with travel in Mexico knows, being stopped at a check-point or stopped while traveling (by people who are armed) happens from time to time. The key is to follow their instructions and give them what they ask for. Most of the time they only want to check passports or ask for money. Contardo is excellent at also offering them tracks and bibles! God is good, all the time!

Are You Ready

We have over twenty years experience coordinating mission trips and have established relationships with many pastors and churches in Mexico. We are ready!  Are you?